Black Tortoise Season Legendary Poll

Time to vote for our next legendary Pokemon! We had a lot of great entries! Everyone only has ONE VOTE!


  1. Submission by sollyinpurplepants
  2. Submission by questionable-squirtle 
  3. Submission by cheeseinferno 
  4. Submission by bringina 
  5. Submission by prettyboriquadx
  6. Submission by jamescrabb
  7. Submission by lazerphaser
  8. Submission by shinyumbriann 
  9. Submission by chaumein2000 
  10. Submission by ostrichmonkey

Water/Ice  My submission for Black Tortoise Legendary

11. Submission by andoniaart 

here’s my submission for the Black Tortoise Legendary contest   okay so for some reason i thought of this when i skimmed the wikipedia article ?? its shell is supposed to be black (just to keep in mind) also it’s head is actually the snake that winds around it and idk   also i guess it’s ice/psychic that would make the most sense but whatever you want   anyway thanks ! 12. Submission by theweirdmachine 

It wasn’t until about 20 minutes into drawing this that I realised I was WOEFULLY out of practise, so my sincerest apologies for the quality. I tried to correct it in photoshop but… Well, it didn’t turn out so well! I’m mainly posting this because I do think there’s some worthwhile ideas should anyone else want to make use of them.  I had Ice/Ghost in mind while drawing (the lantern vaguely representing a will-o-wisp), but it could fit a rather elaborate range of types.13. Submission by brokenaces 

Pokemon lore as an explanation for the design of this pokemon:  This pokemon sleeps underground, with its tail above the surface. Its body is an exoskeleton of ice containing one ton 95% water. The other 5% is a strange magnet-like substance which gives the pokemon its pitch black color. When this pokemon resurfaces, water nearby is attracted to the substance within its body. The temperature of its body usually results in the water being turned to snow. Due to the attractive properties of this pokemon, it usually walks around with a pair of two snow-spheres attached to it, weighing roughly one ton each. The snowman-like shape of this pokemon when in this state and its unlikely arrival to cities caused the creation of the hit song, “Frost the Snowman”.  As far as scientists can tell, its tail is naturally completely black. The sphere on the end of its tail contains 4% of the 5% mystery substance which the pokemons body is composed of, which would make it extremely attractive to all substances. However, either the substance or the pokemon is able to selectively control this ability. The lightning-shape stripe on its tail is a mystery, but scientists hypothesize that the pokemon’s exposed tail was struck by lightning when it was asleep. This somehow left the stripe spiraling down the pokemons tail. The abrupt halt of the pattern suggests that the pokemon was able to reverse the direction of the electricity, leaving scientists to believe that this pokemon may be able to harness the power of thunder attacks, among others.  Scientists also believe that this pokemon may be responsible for the magnetic axis of planets, but cannot be certain until they understand the nature of the liquid contained inside, if it is separate from the pokemon at all.              This is the pokemon i submitted without the snow on it14. Submission by gnawflog 

14. Submission by roundlikeasexualpasta 

gerbildine:    My legendary Pokemon for the omnis region contest.15. Submission by gerblind 

16. Submission by xhecticx 

Submission for Black Tortoise.  The snake is wrapped around the shell… or maybe it is the shell?  I tried to match the design to the Vermilion Bird winner by incorporating the halo (though it is on the chest of the tortoise rather than around the head) and the mask-like element around the eye.  And there is the North-pointing arrow as well, of course.I’ll leave all details up to community vote, though I would suggest Ice/Water typing (or maybe an ability that gives pseudo-Ice/Water STAB).17. Submission by ehalcyon 

For the Black Tortoise Legendary Contest18. Submission by relikuz 

Shading and filling would take quite a lot longer, so I figured I’d submit the outline for the time being.  Coloration would ranged from black to dark purple to blue to white, simulating the idea of black ice. For the snake portion it make sense ascetically to have it wrap around the legs and underneath.  The Arrow pointing north is on the large ice crystal on the shell.  As this is a tortoise, not a turtle, the large legs and upward body mass seemed acceptable. 
19. Submission by hardmodebot 

Here’s my entry for the black tortoise legendary! I based the on turtles, of course, knights, and kaijus. The swordsman part came to be because the Black Turtle is referred to as the “Black Warrior” in East Asia. :D The snake is referenced in the sword ;)Ice/Steel type
21. Submission by machocheeze 

Here is my try at the black tortoise design! Like all my past entries im open to someone else taking a crack at my design and redrawing/tweaking it if they like.22. Submission by fairytype 

Black Tortoise. Probably Ice/Dark typing? the snake does most of the attacking. it’s unclear whether it’s technically a separate organism (a la shellder with slowbro) or just a manifestation of the tortoise’s powers.
23. Submission by mercurybird

24. Submission by derteufelkartoffeltobyhallek

Which is your favorite!?






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